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Dr. Christine Hall


Dr Christine’s vast medical background spans emergency medicine, food and pharmaceutical sciences and, of course, aesthetics. Her South Korean roots and regular visits to Seoul have informed her special interest in next generation skincare and emerging aesthetic techniques, placing her ahead of the curve in terms of skill and insight.

She combines her unique foreknowledge with a personal interest in nutrition and lifestyle, and the ways in which they influence skin health. The broad and integrated lens through which she sees clients allows her to create bespoke treatment plans which both complement and optimise her aesthetic work.

In 2016 she co-founded Save Your Vein, an award-winning patient safety initiative that has been adopted by healthcare professionals throughout the world. In addition to working as an aesthetic physician, Dr Christine is also a GP and Emergency Medicine Doctor in North West London.

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Dr. Christine has hand picked her favourite product that she recommends to her clients at her clinic.

Advanced Users Kit

£185.00 GBP

A favourite with our loyal customers, this deeply penetrating skincare kit includes our innovative Face Scrub & Cleanser and Hydration Booster serum alongside 48 freeze-drie...